Friday, July 27, 2012

Current Mascara Rotation

If there is one thing I never leave home without it's mascara. I love dark, clumpy, pin-up girl lashes...even for a sloppy trip to Harris Teeter on a Tuesday morning. Give me high-end or drugstore, it simply does not matter--if they give me doll eyes  Given that I throw each tube away religiously after 3 months, these are simply what's in my current rotation.

Benefit BADgal Lash ($19) This is my second tube of this baby. I switch back and forth between this and the brand's other mascara. They are very different from one another (more on that later) and overall I don't favor one over the other. BADgal is a fabulous formula, there is no denying that. Leaning to the dryer side, this is definitely only for those who like some c-l-u-m-p. It takes some work and a couple coats, but with almost no drying time it's a quick route to dramatic eyes. This is not a mascara for those just starting out with makeup, but a staple for those with some experience.

Covergirl LashBlast 24hr ($8) I love drugstore mascaras so much--I feel like I could devote an entire blog just to them.  I discovered this about a month ago and it will now forever be in my summer makeup routine. The wand is plastic, which I tend to stray from, but it delivers a dark, opaque black color with one swift coat. The formula is easy to work with (as with all the LastBlast products) and this really lasts. It promises no smudging, printing, or smearing for 24 hours come hell or high water and it really lives up to these lofty claims. Pool tested and sweaty run approved.

Diorshow Extase ($29) Before you write me off as being a complete lush for spending $30 on mascara, know this: I have been using my deluxe sample from Birchbox for the last month. Having said that, however, this mascara is worth every single penny and I will 100% be buying a full size as soon as I'm out of the baby size. I have fallen in love--the brush is incredible, hitting every single last with uniform color and thickness. While it's not waterproof, it withstands the elements like a champ. Oh, and the fancy packaging doesn't hurt either. 

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